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Every day, make a Victory Log by listing in a notebook all the things you’ve accomplished, including good choices, exercise, good deeds and small acts of kindness, and more.

This isn't a quote, but deserves to be put here and pined and repined. This girl is a beautiful inspiration, and everyone should know it.

110 NEW Jeddy's Blend Testimonials. A Natural Alternative for ADHD, ADD, Anxiety and more.....


Letter to Santa

one day someone is going to hug you so tight that all of your broken pieces will stick back together.......... ~love quote

Remember this friends!


cookie monster

Thanksgiving Chalkboard Printables

How to Use Jeddy's Blend for ADHD, ADD & Anxiety

#GreatPoster>> It's cool to be kind ~ #kind #poster #taolife #quote

Jeddy's Blend - A Natural Alternative for ADHD, ADD, Anxiety, Autism, PTSD and more.

Silence Your Inner Critic And Embrace Your Beauty! A recap of the BlogHer '13 Fashion Show.

Morning ride to the farmer's market

Last day to vote! Please vote for One Good Thing by Jillee in the Parents Magazine Blog Awards! Thanks so much!

Makes life a lot easier..


Love this!

What we think, we become-how true...


Each of these gorgeous stars holds a kind secret to whomever opens it. a beautiful & creative way to lift your spirits throughout the year!

Inspiration Stones.

take what you need