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Help! I don’t know what to post about!?!”

I shared some training last night with my team on how to market your business on facebook. Here are 10 facebook tweaks that anyone can do on facebook to increase their exposure on this social media platform. What other tips do you have for marketing your business or brand on facebook?.

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When I started managing a business Facebook page and Twitter profile for the first time, I felt like social media was a bottomless pit. It was a Hungry Thing, sitting at the edge of my daily tasks with a big sign that read “Feed me.” It wanted posts. More post. Better posts. Most days I Read More…

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Editing Day Mug (I probably need this as a big old sign to hang on my office door... or on a t-shirt!).

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10 Tips to Maximise Facebook Engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]

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How to Sell What You Make "This revised and expanded edition of the classic text on marketing crafts is packed with priceless information about selling

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