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Poetry Book includes 12 different poetry worksheets and 2 different parent notes for the book project. Each worksheet includes a definition of the type of poem, an original example, and space for students to work on their own compositions. Perfect for an anytime poetry unit, National Poetry Month project, Young Author's Day project, or as a fun end of year activity!

First Day of School Activities

First Day Fun for 3rd or 4th features ELAR & math worksheets, a group activity about favorite things, and a simple art project! Character Procession

Shel Silverstein Animated Poems On Youtube! Great for poetry unit...and one can never have too much Shel!

Complete Paragraph Writing Bundle for 3rd - 6th Grade

This Complete Paragraph Writing Bundle combines four of my very popular writing strategy sets: Paragraph Color Coding and Outlining, Topic Sentences, Transitions in Writing, and Conclusion Sentences. Everything you need is here to help your students craft beautifully written paragraphs, and it is Common Core aligned! This bundle includes: 18 Paragraph Color Coding and Outlining Worksheets 16 Topic Sentence Worksheets 13 Transitions Worksheets 12 Conclusion Sentences

Language Arts Morning Work Worksheets

This language resource contains 72 ELAR worksheets with Correction, Comprehension and Composition parts. Great for morning work or homework!

Reading Skills Bundle

This money-saving bundle of 11 spinner games for upper elementary has 448 task cards reviewing author's purpose, categories, cause & effect, character traits, compare & contrast, details, idioms, inferences, main idea, text structures & word meaning, plus a worksheet for each skill. Bundle price is a savings of $20! Perfect for RTI or test prep!

Punctuation Capitalization Writing Activity - 20 Point Challenge

This set of ten "20 Point Challenge" worksheets is a great way to get students to really focus on capitalization and punctuation skills. It is a mastery learning activity that I use in my 4th grade classroom. The students earn one point for each totally correct sentence. I keep track of their totals on the grid worksheet that is included with this download.

Genres Bingo

Genres Bingo provides fun practice in identifying 15 genres. Each genre is identified twice, once by using a definition or a quality of the genre, and another time by using a title as an example of the genre. Students create their own bingo cards. $

Matter Song Lyrics

These lyrics sung to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It" will give your students a fun way to remember the definition of matter, the states of matter, the properties of solids, liquids and gases, and the definition of physical and chemical changes!