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Rare bird casket.I sold it at Auction .went for $400.00 .The bird was holding a gold crucifix.Graham Rhodes @Bazaart

This 300-million-year-old screw embedded in a rock is an example of yet another controversial artifact that challenges modern science.

Five of the 8 coffins/in late June 1836, a group of boys headed out to the north-east slopes of Edinburgh’s Arthur’s Seat to hunt for rabbits. What they found there has remained a baffling mystery ever since.

Eva Peron’s Restless Corpse

'Eva Duarte-Peron's corpse. When Peron was re-invited to salvage Argentina, one of his conditions was the return of his wife’s body. Aside from a broken nose, damaged feet, and a few gashes on her face, Eva was actually in pretty good shape. Peron kept the corpse at his villa, sitting in the dinner room while Peron and his new wife Isabel ate their meals. Isabel daily combed the corpse’s hair, and, at Juan’s request, lie inside the coffin next to Eva to absorb some of her political magic.'