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Whether you consider yourself a novice or pro when it comes to lock picking, there’s no denying that everyone needs... View Article

Unlikely Lock Picking Tools- Spray Paint and Soda Cans | Survival Life - Survival Life | Preppers | Survival Gear | Blog

Handmade wooden needles made from thorns of the May-tree

Wooden needles: handmade from the thorns of the May-tree, ['Crataegus']. It has long, sharp thorns.Once,May-trees were used in prickly hedges to prevent cattle from escaping.To maintain the quality, rub the needle from time to time with a little beeswax. "The Mandela Effect and the Time Splicing Discussion" (Very well thought out. What is the agenda behind the Mandela Effect? What is the bigger picture? We need to think outside the box and go a step further. Really worth watching!!)

Fire Starting 101: The Why and How of Lighting a Fire for Survival

Fire Starting 101 - The Why and How of Lighting a Fire for Survival | In a survival situation, fire is your friend and should be one of your first priorities. Being able to build and maintain a fire can literally save your life. If you stink at fire building (as I once did), don’t despair. | #preparedness #skills #fire