✮ Desert Sunset - Phoenix, AZ ~ We have witnessed this for almost a year now.....Beautiful!

Here tell, the treasure hidden in the Superstition Mountains - Near Phoenix Arizona - can not be found by one with an impure spirit ~ The gold has been sought after by many that perished ... their souls protect the secret !! Superstition Mountains, AZ - Evan Olsone

Desert sunset

Desert Garden.... Southern AZ

Grand Canyon Sunset

saguaro in Arizona

Lightning at sunset

Desert sunset

Phoenix Arizona

cactus sunset

✯ Fiery Summer Sunset in the Arizona Desert near Phoenix


Winter Sunset

Joshua Tree National Park is a beautiful desert landscape in California.

Sunset in the fields of Queenstown, New Zealand

Spider Rock in Canyon de Chelly National Park, AZ

Only place you'll find saguaros is in Arizona. It is also illegal to chop them down. Each branch takes 75 years to produce. So imagine how old some saguaros are...


Gods Country Photograph - Gods Country Fine Art Print.....I would love getting up at the crack of dawn if I could see this every morning

✯ Saguaro Cactuses in Saguaro National Park - Tuscon, AZ

✯ Fall Sunset, Slovenia