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How to Make Falafel

Learn how to make falafel. It is easier than you think! Here is a delicious, flavor-packed and authentic recipe with step-by-step photos from The Mediterranean Dish!

10 wedding photography mistakes every beginner will make (and how to get better)

Most professional wedding photographers usually check out a wedding venue before the big day so that they can identify the perfect location for the essential shots of the couple and their families.

The Ultimate Wedding Day Photo Checklist

Wedding Day Photo Checklist, bare bones ideas...I'll get together with you guys to make up a list of what you guys want.

10 Tips for Creating a Collected Gallery Wall

How to Crop your Subject's Body The Right Way #infographic

How to Crop your Subject's Body The Right Way - When our brains don't receive the visual information that we expect to see, it tends to creep us out. That's the effect that usually happens in photography and photo editing whenever a person's body is cropped at the joints. hat's not to say that you should never crop at the joint. In some situations, that might be an intentional choice that's better suited for the particulars of your photo.


How to freeze guacamole (or smashed avocado) -- yes, it works, it's easy, and economical! Stockpile avocados on sale and fill up your freezer with the tips in this simple recipe ready photo tutorial. Viva la Guacamole! |