FEEDING MY FASHION | Bregje Heinen | Cedric Buchet #photography | Vogue Japan December 2012 #mixed_media #collage

Bregje Heinen in 'Feeding My Fashion' - Photographed by Cedric Buchet (Vogue Japan December Complete shoot after the click.

woven photos

three photos from different parts of the subject's life woven together to make these Collage, Suitable for a project called Fragments for GCSE

ORGANIC NEO-TECH | Kati Nescher | Solve Sundsbo #photography | VOGUE Japan October 2012 #mixed_media #collage

George Cortina styles Kati Nescher in ‘Organic Neon-Tech’, a testament to century eco-conscious dressing made of high-tech fabrics. Sølve Sundsbø lenses Nescher for Vogue Japan’s October issue.

fragmented/ syniadau unigryw a gwahanol i greu hunan bortread

This photo is very similar to Gordon Magnin in the style of which it has been digitally manipulated. It shows complete disorder through having several eyes, noses and eyebrows.

Mixed Media Photography by Aliza Razell                                               I got Dragon Wings

What Type Of Wings Should You Have?

Mixed Media Photography by Aliza Razell Relationship between photograph and imagination, as well as relationship between colour - check more on my website

Artist:  Jose Romussi   Image Source:  The Jealous Curator

thread week: an eclectic stash

embroidered, vintage dancers from the portfolio of Chilean mixed media artist Jose Romussi