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Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain    privately funded Roman Catholic Church, recently completed

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain Amazing piece of architecture! Oh Barcelona.

NYC. Chinatown and Woolworth Tower, Manhattan // by Franz Marc Frei

Chinatown and Woolworth Tower, Manhattan, NY (by Franz Marc Frei) we walked for miles through china town and stopped and some interesting places on our way through.

NYC - Empire State of Mind

"If you get caught between The Moon & New York City.the best that you can do.is fall in love " (Full winter moon and the Chrysler building, New York) //Moonglow Jewelry

New York

Twice a year, New Yorkers get a chance to experience “Manhattanhenge ”, the occurrence where the setting sun aligns perfectly with east-west streets. What an amazing place to call home

Golden Hour NYC by J. Fried Photography

Golden Hour NYC by J. Fried Photography