I love the red color of this crepe myrtle.  This is going in the front yard about 7 feet in front of my bedroom window.

Crape Myrtle "Dynamite": Red ruffled bloom with orange-red fall foliage & bark peeling to smooth gray. x Deciduous.

Crepe Myrtle trees are all over the south. I saw them lining the streets of Atlanta, Georgia and fell in love. Unfortunately growing them in northern NJ was not an option. I am growing three in southern PA and they are gorgeous!! If you are not in the south, trying planting them in a southern exposed area with a little shelter. A very cold winter could break your heart, but so far I've had luck.

'Pink Velour' Crape Myrtle Tree Image Love Crape myrtles wish we could grow them where I live .we are in the wrong zone.

Beautiful Crape Myrtle Tree...hope   I'm spelling that right, I don't see these in NY.

Yard bouquet #14: Crape myrtle or crepe myrtle or even crapemyrtle

woahh fire pit. watch the world burn

Globe Fire Pit

Backyard fire pits would be so much more exciting if everyone used the Third Rock Earth design by Fire Pit Art. USA-based Fire Pit Art is a company that produces creative heavy duty fire pits for residential and commercial use (including custom designs).