7 Creative ways to recycle old CDs ans DVDs

58 ways to organize your entire home! so many cool ways to organize. large and small. apartment or big house. good ideas!

12 Ways To Recycle Your Old CDs And DVDs Into Amazing Crafts

34 gifts you can make...a do-it-yourself christmas....this website has every possible diy gift you can think of, not necessarily big projects but tons of ways to personalize gifts to the person you are giving to.

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Here's a list of 101 things to do with CDs & DVDs.

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Reuse Old CDs

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Make a hanging wall organizer with old CDs and some scraps of fabric. Very neat and practical way to recycle and reuse!

DIY Project – 8 ways to Reuse OLD CDs | Lifestylerr

CD Scratch Board Art Take any old CD and cover it with a dark colored acrylic paint; let dry, then sketch/scratch your design with something sharp; Coat w/ sealer.

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Make a Mosaic Address Plaque from old CDs #recycledcraft #upcycle #greencrafts

Innovative repurposed windchime.

Recycling of old CDs

Boil CDs to make them easier to cut. In this video she makes a disco ball with Styrofoam and wire through the center, and jewelry.

crafts with old cds | Recycle your old CD's into lighting. These are the coolest I've seen ...