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    Ideas of what to do with extra those kombucha scobies (I tried eating one and they are not yummy).


    Kombucha Jello

    SCOBY Snacks -

    8 Uses for those extra Kombucha Scoby's! Here: www.culturesforhe...

    Ditch the soda and make yourself kombucha, a tasty probiotic-rich drink. Need flavor inspiration? Here are 20 of the best ways to flavor your kombucha.

    How To Brew Your Own Kombucha (& Why You Should!)... www.herbsandoilsw... Kombucha is a delightful fermented beverage that is rich in probiotics and contains a huge number of health benefits. It has a unique flavor and is fizzy and tingly like no other beverage. Find out how to make your own and why you should at the link above.

    kombucha recipe scoby hotel instructions from Easy instructions on how to make a kombucha scoby hotel

    What is a scoby and what is Kombucha for?

    Learn how to grow a Scoby from bottled kombucha and start making your own kombucha. Have the flavors you love and always know what is in the end product.

    How to Grow Your Own SCOBY with store-bought kombucha #kombucha #paleo #tea #recipe

    Interested in brewing Kombucha, but can't get a Scoby where you live? It's easy, fun and fascinating to grow your own Mother Scoby.

    Kombucha Scoby Jerky. Kombucha SCOBY Jerky is probiotically rich, nutrient dense and a beautiful practice in sustainability ta’ boot. BUT, could these crazy alien life forms also be tasty? The answer, I am very proud to report, turned out to be a resounding YES! (Hmmmm... will have to see it to believe it.)

    How to Create a Scoby Hotel | Kombucha is a social beverage in more ways than one! Every batch produces new growth on your scoby, and this can be peeled off and shared with a friend, too. If you brew and drink kombucha often, you'll be nothing short of overrun! I recently found myself in such a predicament -- completely overrun -- and then I discovered the scoby hotel. |

    Top 5 Other Uses for Kombucha SCOBYs

    Tips for making kombucha ..... Kombucha tea (KT): Recipe – How to – Ideas – Probiotic – SCOBY

    How To Make Your Own Kombucha Scoby

    Using Kombucha to make sourdough starter.

    Has My Scoby Gone Bad And other Kombucha questions answered… - Holistic Squid

    Fizzy Kombucha Bubbles

    DIY Cherry Chia Kombucha- I need to do this- drink of my life right here