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Nothing good ever does…

A: “I’m not a racist, but…” B: “Shh.Nothing good comes after that.

Sweat shop worker in Indonesia, sad comic :(

This is crazy, so study maybe :)

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"Free trade at last, free trade at last. Thank God Almighty, we have free trade at last!"  Follow this link to find a bundle of videos that explore sociological insights about the nature of corporations: http://www.thesociologicalcinema.com/videos/category/corporations  Artist: Khalil Bendib

This cartoon illustrates the inequality that globalisation can bring about suggesting that workers get terminated and offshore workers have poor working conditions as opposed to those at the top of the hierarchy who benefit from the cheaper labour

Native American Funny Jokes | It's funny because it's true. American Indian native American humor.

Cartoon by editorial cartoonist Matt Bors: "White Babies Outnumbered"

Capitalism did NOT generate the West's wealth; colonialism & imperialism did.

Ben Norton on

In addion to destroying the lives of most Native Americans for their own gain, Europeans also began enslaving Africans and bringing them to the Americas where they were forced to work to the benefit of the Europeans

Pyramid Scheme | Ha! Tea 'n' Danger

Pyramid Scheme

Many a true thing is said in jest--is this the future expectation of the generation we are raising?


Tunna Dunn, my favorite

Strange white men in funny clothes planting crops?! They are called Pilgrims. And this word "Pilgrim"... what does it mean? Undocumented immigrant.

This pin makes a direct remark comparing pilgrims and undocumented immigrants, showing that they are one in the same.


The real wealth makers and takers

Political cartoon by James Gillray (19th century) - The world being carved up into spheres of influence between Pitt and Napoleon - "probably the most famous political cartoon of all time -it has been stolen over and over and over again by cartoonists ever since."

Caricature Gillray plum pudding William Pitt, wearing a regimental uniform and hat, sitting at a table with Napoleon. They are each carving a large plum pudding on which is a map of the world. Pitt's slice is considerably larger than Napoleon's.

sundae kids illustration

sundae kids illustration

Julia richardson 1898 serena williams 2015. Both won double titless during their tennis careers.

Black female tennis stars, years apart<< this is the coolest picture

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12196131_1663163697302801_899842053239742187_n.jpg (844×960)

I'm ok.. omg so funny  "When someone asks you how life is going, say 'Just great, thanks' then show them these pictures:"

I'm ok

I'm ok. omg so funny "When someone asks you how life is going, say 'Just great, thanks' then show them these pictures:" can’t stop laughing😂