Handmade Navajo Peacepipe made of antler Yes, you can smoke it! Artist: Gene George, Navajo

Spear, Territorial Marker and Fan

Native American

navajo girl

Native American George Catlin Assiniboin Woman and Child by griffinlb, via Flickr

Native American Handmade Jewelry

Basket Artist

Kwakiutl and Navajo Tribes -- Edward S. Curtis circa 1914.

Untitled (Smoking Cigarette) by Museum of Photographic Arts Collections, via Flickr

First Nations Mother and Child

American Indian Museum - mask

Sioux Grandmother doll

Indians - A Young Navaho Indian Mother with Papoose A young Navaho Indian mother with her papoose strapped onto its cradle board.

Native American beadwork

American Indian Clothing by allanhowell1, via Flickr

Proud Native American Dancer by christopher.binning, via Flickr

Native American Beadwork (6) by mharrsch, via Flickr

Native American

Petite Native Americans

Native American dancer

Oglala Sioux council chief / by Herman Heyn, 1899.