Pontoon-- I love this pontoon boat. Quite a bit different than the one we had in Key West even though we loved our boat. So nice. I miss it A LOT:( of course I miss the boat and Key West. The best of times my family spent on that water..,ahhhh.... Done daydreaming. Back to the cold reality of freezing temperatures

the nile


This is awesome!

Houseboat camping. Camping in a whole new way!

Glacier Bay, Alaska USA

Maybe not future home, but, something ... love the vibe. Dominique Lafourcade, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France. Original image site: http://m.dominique-lafourcade.com/en/gallery/6/senses#PhotoSwipe1435211301784

Now this is a cabin!


Tin Sign | Welcome to the Lake Metal Tin Sign 12-1/2" x 16" $14.50


love this rustic porch......and it is a Montana porch!

Boat House – Indonesia ,bali


this is all I really need...

✕ Beautiful beach living… / #beach #living #blankets #summer

on the lake

beach - boat

what a porch

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blue, blue, blue