Pontoon-- I love this pontoon boat. Quite a bit different than the one we had in Key West even though we loved our boat. So nice. I miss it A LOT:( of course I miss the boat and Key West. The best of times my family spent on that water..,ahhhh.... Done daydreaming. Back to the cold reality of freezing temperatures

what a porch

This is awesome!


beach - boat

Love this idea, but is it really usable over the water like that? I see this more as a reading nook in the garden or backyard.

Sail away with me - A Casa da Va #acasadava #nautical #sail #stripes #navy #preppy #sailor #colorblocking #sailboat

Lake House.

kitchen on a boat that I love

Jardin d'eau

Amazon River

... How can I own this boat?

This looks so beautiful and peaceful! I could spend a week or more just lounging on that boat dock.


Travel by train in style



Boat Hotel, Cocoa Island, The Maldives


Cool boat lighting! (only works with high, lofty ceilings however!) Bringing Nautical Feeling into Your Home