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How to Plan a Trip to Europe (for the frugal, non-backpacker)

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The ultimate Europe trip planning page - Links to all of the steps to take and free planning resources to download.

How to start planning an overseas trip without having a panic attack. Great for that first part of the Europe trip planning process when you're feeling overwhelmed.

How to plan your travel budget in Europe's top destination. For ref. @hazelnglala Also:

Backpack Europe Step-by-Step Planning GuideGuide to Budget Backpacking in Europe – The Savvy Backpacker

Backpack Europe in 3 Months -- not quite my plan, but can definitely learn from the budgeting and the routes!

Tips for rail-tripping around Europe on a budget – from route planning to rail passes, scenic trips to packing tips

The most comprehensive step-by-step planning guide for budget travel in Europe.

World's oldest backpacker plans two-month trip to Europe at 95 years old- He may be my inspiration!

Before you plan your next trip, make sure you check out these useful travel websites. From finding cheap flights to planning your itinerary, these sites will make your planning much easier!

Backpacking Through Europe - what to do a month before leaving.


Avoid enormous cell phone bills when travelling to Europe on your #selfguided trip. Plan ahead by following these tips.

Great travel website to let you pre-plan a trip to europe cheap and with or without a tour guide.

Backpacking through Europe is on many people’s bucket list. Why not make it a reality? Below are ten tips for first-timers interested in backpacking Europe! Plan Destinations but Be Flexible Europe is massive with so many amazing destinations to visit. Depending on how much

8. Backpack through Europe (Western or Eastern) with a Eurail pass. | 27 Trips You Need To Take In Your Twenties

Backpacking Europe everything you need to know

How To Backpack Europe

Want to Backpacking Europe? This comprehensive step-by-step guide will steer you through the often overwhelming task on planning your big adventure abroad. We cover everything from planning an itinerary, choosing what clothes to pack, European fashion tips, using rail passes, finding cheap airfare, demystifying hostels, and a lot more.