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Through this body of work I wanted to visually explore one of the most lasting scars from child abuse, the loss of that child.I chose not to depict the obvious, but rather the journey of how a happy carefree child is lost, and the stages that child goes through when been abused. I wanted to show the heart ache, the fear, the fight and finally the submission as that child is finally lost in torture of their situation. The feeling of hurt, fear, dread, but mainly guilt and worthlessness.

subsistence compellingly filled with us; mentally anguished drifters in our minds, living tattered without or perhaps only within. shabby deeds can never really hide though and cause a noticeable anxiety alienating what we are desperate for capture; recognition, a complete person traveling perhaps at a different speed in a distinguished slightly sad note. with this juncture closed, we are striped and tattooed; a serial no one wants to see. yet our language is strong enough for others to feel…