This just might be one of the cutest toddlers I've ever seen.

Such a cute little guy.he's the asian baby version of my big bro

baby hipster I could totally see my friends son dressing like this! He has the perfect personality for it! :)

cutest little boy in such a handsome outfit! how I will dress my kids one day..

Half Korean, half American baby boy... Maybe this is super creepy...but this is so going to be my son. Adore.

My boy. Nice

When I have children they will be dressed like this!! This is too adorable!!!

omg asian babies!!!!! This is exactly why I want to marry an Asian man so he can give me adorable little Asian babies!!! <3<3<3

I'm not even remotely as cool as this guy

kid fashion

Cap, skinny jeans, and vans on a toddler. #Swag.

this kid has so much swag. adorable..ahh when my day comes have babies i will be so excited to teach them sports and dress them so freaking cute

So prepared to have little half Asian boys! Cute outfit

Cute boy outfit

“50 fotos de crianças mais estilosas que você!” – Série Fotográfica| The Hype BR

I need this outfit for my boys

My bubba will be dressin like this If you a rapper or singer CLICK HERE and check out my BEATS!

Fact: This is basically what my family is going to look like one day...a son from Haiti, a daughter from China and my own nerdy white son with crazy hair, all dressed wonderfully. Love it! <3

future Collier