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First Rule for being a bitch:

Cause if I am a bitch.there is a damn good reason behind it and no apology is needed!


Funny Confession Ecard: I get called a Bitch quite often. What I don't get called is a pushover, stupid, sweetheart, or a doormat. Works for me.

Yeah, she really just said that!

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Oh. Em. Gee. Pulling on his leg hairs with my toes, yea I can do that, works just as well!

That moment when you decide to punch your husband in the face While he's sleeping cause you'd rather Hear him bitch then listen to him snore! This is my life every night!


I'm not FAT, I'm overstuffed with awesomeness! Yea, that's right bitches! Ok ok, it's just fat :-(

Verbal release therapy

Some call it bitching, I all it Verbal Release Therapy. It's all about perspective.

So true!!!  I don't talk till my 2nd cup of coffee at work

I finally made my own someecard! i said this one day and thought to myself, I should make that an ecard. I mean you know how clever those church signs can be, come on! love it!

I hope I can still remember the choreography to "Thriller" when I become a Zombie

Funny pictures about You can't buy my love. Oh, and cool pics about You can't buy my love. Also, You can't buy my love photos.