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    This is the REAL pink slime - it may be pink but it's not very slimy. Most of the rest of what you've heard about it isn't right either...but here's what a real meat scientist has to say.

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    • Loes Visser

      This is anti-food. #pinkslime, separator-meat: cheap slaughter trimmings, fluids and fats scraped from carcasses and showered in ammonia. The picture is a BFI promotion photo.

    • Ron Maurer

      ‘Pink slime’ outrage goes viral in stunning display of social media’s power! For the better part of two decades, before it was dubbed “pink slime,” this beef byproduct was nothing more than a mild-mannered staple in fast food burgers, tacos in school lunches and ground beef stocked in supermarket freezers.

    • Laura Levy

      Food News: 'Pink Slime' maker suspends production in 3 of 4 plants plus list of grocery stores that carry the ground beef product

    • Elena Comperatore

      Pink Slime and 2 other "meat " horrors. Easy read. must read! Know thy food! - THIS IS PRETTY GROSS!!!

    • Kathy Cashatt

      Look at abc world news with diane sawyer to find out which stores do NOT sell ground beef with the pink slime

    • Elisabeth Perez

      PINK SLIME! A list of places that don't sell the pink slime ground beef. It's real, it's gross and the FDA doesn't seem to think it's something you should be aware of as a consumer. Use your voice. Don't buy it. Don't let your kids eat in their school lunches, and boycott fast food establishements who use it.

    • sheri

      This ammonia cleaned meat scrap material called "pink slime" has been in 70% of our ground beef for a decade. Now the word is getting out, but some legislators are still trying to keep this in disgusting product in our children's school lunches.

    • April Stimpson

      pink slime...NOT good eats! A reason I stoped buy ground beef, good to know it isn't in costco meat. 3. Costco Does not use pink slime. “Anything that we sell at Costco we want to explain it’s origins, and I personally don’t know how to explain trim treated with ammonia in our ground beef,” Craig Wilson, vice president of quality assurance for Costco, told ABC News. “I just don’t know how to explain that. I’m not that smart.”

    • Erin Fleming

      some stores sell "pink slime" meat and some don't... here's a list. eat in health.

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