• amanda bitson

    "Two trips are for pansies." LOL - this. is. my. husband. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Amanda Rock

    that's right! i don't care if i'm falling over with four bags in one arm and six in the other...no second trip! :) SO TRUE!! I just did this tonight!!!

  • Jenny O'Brien

    What makes this funny is it's very true!!! I have to climb stairs to my house, I'm not making two trips!!!!

  • Cindy Ammons

    True story! I never make two trips if I can help it!!

  • Rheanna DiVirgilio

    Two trips are for pansies... totally me!

  • Monika Shugan

    Two trips are for pansies... haha I think my neighbors get a laugh every time they see me

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