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Are you ready to channel your inner Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry? Then we suggest going all out! Plenty of great hair color pictures here to take to the salon.

If i have to look like a hipster, like this girl, to have this hair... so be it. I love the double color dip dye.

Dying to dip dye my hair…. Might have to wait until Summer Break :(

Pink ombré hair. I asked my stylist to do this once and she wouldn't commit to the bold look. This is how I had wanted it to turn out.

Lauren's hair colorist shows you how to get tipped out.

Repeat until you've done all of your hair. I added the pink color 2/3 of the way up the blonde part (where I just bleached.) You could just color your tips if you wanted. I left it on for 35 minutes which is what the instructions said to do. Well... if you wanted the color to stay in longer than a week or two. Then I washed it and THEN. I. HAD. PINK. HAIR!

Dye your hair with a pink and green hairspray can, then braid it

Unnatural colors are not only a more common sign of beauty, but also of personal expression. Today's society fosters more of an artistic approach to beauty. Therefore, women's hair, as an easily moldable part of the body, serves as not only a symbol of beauty but also as art.

dippidy dip dyeee