by Elly Smallwood

“People who like to be in control of things can have a hard time with intimacy. Intimacy is anarchic and mutual and definitionally…

I love how real this looks and how it's so zoomed up on the girls face. The way the shadow hits the cheek/chin bones is amazing

Mejor saquémonos la ropa, te quiero libre.

Ilustraciones que demuestran el placer de desnudarte y sentirte libre

Drawing anatomy & art added a new photo.

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Tangled in a galaxy

"A certain darkness is needed to see the stars." -Osho - I just adored making this one!💕 Is there anything better than creating galaxies?💕 Base was done with watercolor and then I added oil pastels, and acrylic paint for the stars✨💕 -

Drawing..... eto ang para sau....magsasabi tas kakalimutan

I love the rough lines and how they match the curled fist and create the feeling of anger. I like the watercolor style as well.

16k Likes, 48 Comments - Elly Smallwood (@ellysmallwood) on Instagram: “Acrylic study”

16k Likes, 48 Comments - Elly Smallwood (@ellysmallwood) on Instagram: “Acrylic study”