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glass dragons from fire creation

glass dragons - it reminds me of a fire breathing sea horse with wings - combining the polarities of water and fire into one captivating creature

Hand Blown Glass Dragon Crystal Serpent

[This is freakin' awesome! Did I mention I love dragons AND glass? Dragon Serpent Figurine Hand Blown Glass by ProchaskaGallery]


Why Cut Down That Tree in Your Yard? Instead, Carve It into a Dragon. Powers Bach, I think you need this in your yard!okay maybe not a dragon but art.

Perching Dragon Pendant from Dragons & Such, MasterArk.com

Finger Dragon or Perching Dragon Pendant in Bronze от MasterArks

this is different an cool

Hippocampus ~ the Hippocampi were needed to draw the chariot of the sea-god Poseidon. They are also the mounts for the Nerieds and spiritual beings. Escaped by SilverFlight* deviantArt

Dragon head

Touching Souls by Golphee. A peaceful blue dragon & an otter in the water are nose to nose.