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Napoleon III - Born in 1808 in Paris, France, Napoleon III, the nephew of Napoleon grew up in exile—the year 1815 marked the end of Napoleon I's reign. However, Napoleon III was determined to regain the French throne. He began his quest in 1832, writing various political and military tracts in an effort to make himself and his ideas known. After a failed coup attempt in 1836, he was exiled again

In 1859, Napoleon led France to war with Austria over Italy. France was victorious, and gained Savoy and Nice, but the idea of Italian unification - based as it was on the exclusion of the temporal power of the popes.

Oh for a new risorgimento

Oh for a new risorgimento RENZI = PAROLE-PAROLE-PAROLE...............meglio faccia un duetto con Mina e Alberto Lupo! BERLUSCONI = E Basta Cavaliere........Vattene in PENSIONE !!!!!!DOVE IL FAMOSO PONTE SULLO STRETTO DI MESSINA CHE AVEVI PROMESSO PER ISCRITTO!!!!!! ================== ================== TEMPO DI CAMBI ===== GRILLO

The embroidered shoe of Pius IX who refused to set foot on Italian territory When the Papal States were taken over, Pius moved from a palace in Rome to one in the Vatican. He refused to leave his enclave, claiming to be “the prisoner of the Vatican”. From his new home he excommunicated all who had been involved in the capture of Rome, forbade Catholics to vote in Italian elections and refused the subsidy offered by the Italian government. Pius resorted to vittimismo, playing the victim and…