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Angel's Wings from the TV series, Supernatural. I love the burnt out wings of the angels when they die. It's sad, but they're beautiful "fallen angel" dp


Saw his clever work all over Firenze. If it makes people pay more attention to street signs, than I say, why not give him a public works grant! Clet-Abraham_Street-art_stickers-on-traffic-signs_multi_collabcubed

SEAN YORO PAINTS HYPERREAL SEA LEVEL PORTRAITS ON HIS SURFBOARD  Using a surfboard, young Hawaiian artist Sean Yoro (aka Hula), paints murals while balancing on his board, placing his works just above sea level.   The murals, all portraits of women, have a hyperrealistic quality that appear as if each is existing just above the tide.

If you've seen these great "street" art pieces and were wondering how the artist did them, here you go :)

Humorous Urban Interventions on the Streets of France by OakOak - created via http://pinthemall.net

Funny pictures about Clever Street Art. Oh, and cool pics about Clever Street Art. Also, Clever Street Art photos.

This street art was very cool because they have transformed a ugly crack to something funny.

Nice slide.

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David Zinn 3D chalk art at the Detroit Zoo

David Zinn is an artist from Michigan. He runs around all day in the streets of Ann Arbor (ones with street construction, cracks, etc.) with chalk, to create a lot of street fairy tales.

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It's not just a crack on the wall. "Find the cracks and exploit the discoveries to be revealed there . then move on to practice running headlong into the brick walls. Cracks crack first. Heads crack before brick walls. (from: STREET ART UTOPIA)"

Banksy is a pseudonymous England-based graffiti artist, political activist, film director, and painter. His satirical street art and subve...

Banksy Graffiti Art Posters Handmade Gicle Gallery Print Unframed Banksy Cave Painting Powerwash *** Click image for more details.


Pejac – talented street artist from Spain. Images he creates are capable to make a work of art of the most boring building.