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ANIME BATTLE: Ira Gamagoori (Kill La Kill) versus Sakura Oogami (Danganronpa: The Animation [Comment on who would win and why.]

“Kill la Kill” Studio Cosplay — Edojin

Over 50 photos of our studio cosplay of "Kill la Kill" with Ryūko (Bot), Satsuki (Yuana), Mako (Saya), Aikuro (Matsu), Gamagōri (Edojin), Inumuta (Yoshihal), and Ragyo (Miyuta).

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OKAY SO IT'S LATE AND I HAD NOTHING BETTER TO DO BUT GO ON YOUTUBE. So I leave my friends for ONE DAY (Big mistake) to watch the anime Kill La Kill and the cute thing I see is the couple Gamagoori & Mako~ THEN I LOOK AT THE COMMENT SECTION TO SEE "Gamagoori= Germany Mako= Italy" DAMMIT HETALIA I CAN'T WATCH ANY OTHER FUCKING ANIME WITHOUT SOMETHING LIKE THIS POPING UP THE WORST THING IS THAT IT'S ONE OF SHIPPINGS I SUPPORT FUCKING WHY?! Video found on the comment to see…