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"I didn't want anyone to talk to me," said Harry, who was feeling more and more nettled. "Well, that was a bit stupid of you," said Ginny angrily. "Seeing as you don't know anyone but me whose been possessed by You-Know-Who, and I can tell you how it feels." Harry remained quite still as the impact of these words hit him. Then he wheeled around. "I forgot", he said. "Lucky You", said Ginny coolly. - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. http://undianormal.livejournal.com/11653.html

THIS is the Ginny that we don't get in the movies.and this is the reason why Ginny will always be my favorite secondary character.

I hated her in the beginning, respected her towards the end, but ultimately hated her because she got to touch Rupert Grint.

I loved how J. Rowling created such an incredible female character as Hermione! Emma Watson captured all of Hermione's strengths and vulnerabilities perfectly too!

Hinny ❤️

One of my many complaints.Book: Harry and Ginny have an actual relationship (and Harry is happier than he's been in about 4 books). Movie: They VERY WEIRDLY flirt in the room of requirement in one movie and make out in another. It just seems all wrong.

I would love a little book nook like this for my son.  Having a cool dedicated space like this would make family reading time more awesome!  - solo

This guy's Aunt’s House Has A Harry Potter-Themed Reading Nook Under The Stairs… I'm doing this to my future house even if i have to build the stairs.

The one thing I liked in the movies over the books was the emphasison the Obliviate scene with the Grangers, the one with Hermione reminiscing in the Forest of Dean, as well as the one where she obliviates Dolohov. It was clearly a huge deal for Hermione and feel like the books didn't go to deep into the trauma of not having your parents remember you anymore.


I have to agree, the Obliviate scene in the movie was absolutely heart-wrenching.

Harry Potter Inspired Hogwarts Student ID (Gryffindor) - Hermione Granger

Harry Potter Inspired Hogwarts Student ID (Gryffindor) - Harry Potter

This Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Student ID is a fan made concept design created by Epic IDs based on the Harry Potter movies.

Como se divide la sociedad en la mente de un lector.

I'm sorry, but I freaking love a Mean Girl meme that is Mean Girls quotes on something completed not Mean Girls. Also see the Disney and mean girls mash up it is perf