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What happens when a R7S Assistant goes way out of their way to find their boss's lost Buddy scooter key?! 15 pounds of "favorite things" (Gummy Bears) come in the mail as a Thank You. Yea,'re a life saver. You rock:) #gratitude #red7changemakers #modernsalon

Witty, pro-active and a perfect example of someone who hit the ground running.. Happy One Year Anniversary Alex! #SpunkyBrewster #RoleModel #LooksCompletelyDifferentNow #Doll #Anniversary #Evanston #WeLoveEvanston #Chicago #Stylist #Colorist #RED7Family #RED7CHANGEMAKERS #RED7SALON

A happy golden anniversary to TAYLOR (Stylist) on celebrating 7 great years w/R7S! Attentive, fun, talented, & a fab conversationalist...Taylor has come so far in his many years w/us. First began @ our front desk, then assistant in our cutting program, & finally a fast building Stylist! Now, he's getting his feet wet as an Educator. Happy Anniversary TK:) #red7changemakers #favoritechicagosalon

Introducing, Kevin Murphy's KILLER.CURLS 👊🏼 Moisture, Flexibility and an Anti-Frizz serum? Sign us up! #CurlyGirls #ShirlyTemple

Since David & Jason began RED 7 SALON in 2002, there've been 7 past employees (maybe more to come;) to open their own salon business. What does that say about us? We believe they've seen the pride, happiness, & approachability we've had with our brand...making small business ownership look easy. We believe they've seen the best practice/model of consistently positive company growth (even in rocky times) thru the years. Finally, we believe the universe gives us ALL the success we can handle!

It's been 3 1/2 years since this firecracker started w/R7S! Go, ASHLEY, Go:) Passionate, multi-talented (she's a make-up guru too), & kind...she's a great beauty to work with. Plus, she's a FAB dancer (ever seen her moves?)! Ashley, thank you for continuing to choose R7S as your salon home. #red7changemakers #favoritechicagosalon

Today in the land of R7S, our Chicago salon Style Director, NATALIE, is attending a workshop w/industry legends! Rubbing elbows w/Thom Priano, Garren, & Howard McLaren. Groovy! #red7changemakers #favoritechicagosalon #top200salon #r&co

Happy 1 1/2 Year Anniversary to DEVIN (Colorist)! Devin has amazing gifts - talent, charm, enthusiasm, commitment, & positivity:) She's simply a JOY to work with & her blossoming clientele feel the same. A great taste of the future of R7S. Cheers! To book a color w/Devin, call 847-866-7337. #red7changemakers #favoriteevanstonsalon #modernsalon

Check out this before and after by TAMARA one of our future stylists in our staff training program. She needs cut models every Wednesday so if you're interested, shoot us an email at 💁🏼 #StaffTraining #BeforeAndAfter #LongHair #ShortHair #TransformationThursday #TBT #ThrowbackThursday #ChicagoStylist #Beauty #Glamour #Hair #HappyHairHappyLife #HappyClient #RazorTextured #Evanston #WeLoveEvanston #Chicago #RED7CHANGEMAKERS

Color correction? No problem. Here's one done by R7S Chicago colorist, MARIELLA, on one of our fabulous assistants, Ryane 💁🏻🍧 To schedule a color appointment w/Mariella, please call 312-644-7337 or email us

8 growing years & still going strong...kudos to STEPHANIE (Senior Stylist/Educator)! Creative, focused, giving, & always a strong advocate for the original mission of R7S. We appreciate her commitment, determination, & we so respect her LOVE of the salon industry! Cheers to the future with this Dynamo.

RED 7 SALON is currently inviting all industry COLORISTS to a Pixelation tutorial class this October (date TBA) exclusively ran by the Pixel master himself, Philip Ring 💁🏻🎨 Interested? Comment below or DM us! Have a colorist friend or friends that would be? Tag them! #TRENDING #2015Trends #HairTrends #PixelHair #PixelationHair #CallingAllCOLORISTS #Colorists #ChicagoColorists

Happy 2 1/2 Year Anniversary to SARAH...aka "Rising Star"! WOWZA! Sarah's professional growth over her short time w/us has been 100% outstanding. A confident, consistently booked, talented Stylist with so much future promise. We're VERY proud of her! Go, Sarah, Go! To schedule a cut w/her, please call 847-866-7337. #red7changemakers #favoriteevanstonsalon

BACK TO SCHOOL LITER SALE Purchase any TWO Liters of shampoo &/or conditioner (either Bumble and bumble OR Kevin.Murphy) @ either RED 7 SALON location and receive 20% OFF those liters. A superb deal to take you into the fall & school year. Stock up and SAVE!

We are HIRING! Salon Directors, Cut/Color Assistants, Shampoo Techs. Interested? Go to our Employment page on our website ( & send in your info. #top200salon

We just released NEW music playlists on Spotify/PandoraOne @ both salons:) As always...eclectic with a wide range of genres! LOVE. Next time you're in, listen up.

Embrace the NEW you! R7S is the leader in giving you the change you need/want/deserve;) #red7changemakers #favoritechicagosalon #favoriteevanstonsalon

Attention: BRIDES! Looking to book your wedding day w/R7S (in salon or on-site) or just wanting more info on availability, pricing, etc...? Contact CELENA, our fabulous Wedding Concierge! She will help you with all aspects of planning your special day w/us from A to Z. #red7changemakers #top200salon #weddings #concierge #bridalbeauty #winning

A big congrats to IVY, Senior Colorist, on her wedding shower day! We've seen this amazing woman grow so much over the years - professionally & personally. We are beyond delighted she's found Brian to share her journey in life with. Ivy/Jen - we are big fans of your heart, your fire, & your laughter. Here's to you & the R7S years to come...! Love, David & Jason #red7changemakers #top200salon

Happy 2 Year R7S Anniversary to SLOANE, Colorist! Committed to her career & loving all aspects of beauty - she has become a quickly rising star within our company. Quirky, fun, & talented. To schedule a color, call 312-644-7337. #red7changemakers #favoritechicagosalon #top200salon

Happy 4 1/2 year R7S Anniversary to LINDSEY, Stylist/Texture Specialist! Soooon to be Colorist as well (after going thru our advanced 16 month program). Multi-talented, super savvy, & incredibly committed (did you know she's a fitness champ too). What can't she do?! Here's to the future... #red7changemakers #top200salon #happyloveshappy #evanston #WeLoveEvanston #hairdresser

NEW Sydney Hale Candle Co. scent for summer...GARDEN MINT! Fresh mint from your herb garden w/notes of basil. Handmade in Virginia in small batches, premium soy wax blend w/double cotton wick in frosted glass container. 14 oz. / 50 hour burn time. Limited availability @ both R7S. #happyloveshappy