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Sorry for posting practically all of these... but I relate soooo much.

And yeah, horses are my escape. Horses, music, fiction, and good friends. I guess the best answer is it's easier to stay alive when you focus on the simple things.

like.... cutting.. and making suicide plans and writing notes

Here's to the kids who are fighting not to fall back into bad habits.

This is so me... I don't want me why on earth would anyone else want me

Here's to the kids who aren't surprised nobody wants them because they wouldn't either.

I feel like I get on people's nerves. not that anyone would tell me as much

There's certain places that I go to, where I feel this way, I don't relate and I'm constantly uncomfortable.

friends left them in the dust

Cute outfit

Switch Off The Television people watch 22 hours of television per week. On average only 19 minutes per day was spent on other more dynamic activities such as exercise

Here's to the kids who...

Here's to the kids who always smile because they don't want to appear weak.