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Dr. Matt Elias discusses How to Turn Back the Clock of Aging. #realself #wederm #botox #liquidfacelift

You might feel invincible in your 20s, but your skin isn’t. Your skin is still youthful now, so enjoy it, but don’t forget to take care of it. Here are the top three things dermatologists wish our 20-something patients did every day.

Should you be thinking about anti-aging in your 20s? It certainly can’t hurt. Just don’t forget to pick products with gentle ingredients. Your skin is still youthful, so you don’t need products with intense ingredients.

Signs of aging become more prominent in your 50s. Here are some things you can do to combat wrinkles, collagen loss and dryness.

Your skin withstands sun, wind, dirt, daily cleansing, shaving and more every day, and that takes a toll. Remember to treat your skin gently. Taking steps such as limiting hot water in the shower, patting your skin dry instead of rubbing, moisturizing every day and protecting your skin with sunscreen will prolong your skin’s youthful appearance and resiliency.

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