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To anyone who is trying to complete 120 logbook hours will feel it is like an eternity. But fortunately, the past few months flew by thanks to my driving lessons with Nimisha. Honestly, I had quite a few instructors throughout my learning experience and out of all I can proudly say that she is one of the most understanding, calm and friendly instructors that I have ever met. The knowledge she provided me about road rules and safe driving are some things that I will remember forever…

he is calm, patient and made me feel at ease as a nervous learner driver

from National Review

The Left Can’t Stop Using Race to Silence Opponents

11/16/16 Liberals should think twice before blaming the 2016 election on racism. ...a lot more white people out there who are not racist and therefore, do not like being called racist or being berated about how their country is racist.They also sense that the "everything is about race" crowd is using race as a cudgel to silence critics and have their way.