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Aromatic (and tastier!) spring roll wrappers | How to make aromatic (and tastier!) spring roll wrappers

How to make spring roll wrappers

maida for spring roll wrapper recipe

How to make rice paper tutorial, aka "Banh Uot." You'll need rice, water, linen/cotton fabric, a long and flexible tool, a wide mouthed pot, and a blender. They noted to soak the rice for at least 7 hours first, so start early. Looks fun, I can't wait to try it!

Gyudon: Japanese beef and rice meal

Summer is here. The heat is at its worst between noon and early afternoon, the time we usually have lunch. To minimize the suffering, I’ve been cooking meals that require little preparation and even less cooking time. That way, the stove is on for the least amount of time and there’s less chance for…