flowers, line work

Floral outline (crab apple blossoms, peony, rose, babies breath) tattoo on the back/shoulder. Officially obsessed with floral tattoos

Crazy Flower Tattoo On Forearm Looks Awesome

Crazy Flower Tattoo On Forearm Looks Awesome

Lime this birth month flowers, narcisis and gladiolus

“Here is a floral piece I did not so long back, my customer wanted a cover up of her old tattoo so we did some laser removal first to fade it enough to…”

Reason why I want this Tattoo: Sunflowers are known to be the "happiest of flowers", and their meanings include loyalty and longevity.  Where I would get it: My foot or under my collar bone.

Black and white sunflower tattoo. Sunflowers were one of Angie's favorite things. :) If I could muster up the courage, I would get a sunflower tattoo in memory of her.