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Accidentally ruining your friends' appetites because you forgot, normal, people don't talk about bodily functions and fluids over meals.

EMTs and Paramedic Students! Getting near test time, or getting ahead for next year? Right now you can get 3 months for the price of 2! Try our 90 day special! Follow the prescribed study methods and have all of the knowledge and mental tips required to destroy the NREMT! Pass on your FIRST TRY - GUARANTEED!

So I work in a nursing home and one of my residents gave me this little box with the sweetest poem! Such a sweet gift and I thought I would share the idea with my fellow pinners :)

My Nursing Journal: Why You Should Start One

My nursing journey is so full of experiences that at times, it is difficult for me to remember every single aspect of it. Everyday, I learn something new and in order for me to reinforce it, I write it down. I've been journaling about nursing and my experiences about 1 year into nursing school and I am so happy that I started such a habit. Not only do you get to keep track of your experiences, but you also monitor your progress. You can read back and see how you've bloomed into what yo...