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Deep down you already know the truth. And that's why you fabricate lies to feel better about what really happened and your insane behavior!

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Do those things that you are afraid to accomplish.Take that step towards greatness and face those dark shadows in life with a courageous light from within.

in our society we think we need to change ourselves to become pretty, but most people just think about there character as the quote says. In uglies they change there face to become pretty if you didnt have the operation your an ugly. I think the author is trying to tell us that its mostly there character the uglies are looking at not how perfect they are in the mirror.

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To anyone who thought Common Core was bad, how 'bout "no core at all"? Meh, not like I live there...

Corrupt Repukkkes kicking Gr'ma's off her Earned SS/Medicare give the Wealthy deadbeat Moochers more TaxCuts!! Thx the biggest Deadbeat of all, Crooked Donnie!!!

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