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It was crafted by Henry Stanley Haskins, a Wall Street trader. The phrase "was misattributed because the assignment of the maxim to a more prestigious individual, e.g., Emerson or Thoreau made it more attractive and more believable as a nugget of wisdom."

This didn't make sense to me, but for some reason I liked it, maybe because I like solitude, but how does one use people as an escape? Maybe if they're insincere in their relationships? Anyway, got me to thinking, which is better than not thinking. ;-)

Best Friend Memories: I really miss the pair of inseperable twins. We shouldn't let words in between us, we are stronger than words. Don't let words tare down our sisterhood. I miss seeing you, talking to you, helping each other and the times and memories

Here and Now art print | Inspirational Wall Art | Hand Lettering | watercolor print

In this moment, take a breath. Then another. And one more. Just be right here honey. Right here. :: print by Katie Daisy