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lk2212 boucles d'oreille argent labradorithe spinelle noire coq 10cm 115 euros

When my my son was four he gave me his favorite marble. I love the memory it holds. I made this "memory keeper" so I can now wear it. I used fine silver metal clay to form four columns of Celtic knots that are bound together at the bottom with a silver bead.--Lisa Barth

Odins Raven Earrings Ancient Bronze Odin's Ravens Viking Earrings 124

Palmer & Sons New No 12c Leather Cuff

Leather cuffs with an intersting "clasp". I wonder if you could use a bullet...just don't wear it to the airport....

boucles d'oreille plaquée argent, grenat labradorithe, paon, cadran montre ancienne urss, lk2290, 45 euros

This is a great tool for identifying necklace length. A great tool for when buying your jewellery online! Necklaces length. Good to know!- Great for helping DIY jewelry making.-