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Hahahahahahah! What ever is comfortable for me! (; But it's like everyone does that! So I don't see why??? :/

Every selfie should require a follow up selfy with a goofy face! Awesome!

We'll at least I think I would get a punch, I might get an invitation! God Bless You All, stay happy and healthy, and love and hugs to the babies (especially the new little boy at the blue oval in Russellville!

it's true! I swear I change my password every time I have to relog into my email because I don't remember what HAD to be in it the time before and can't have anything you have had in the last 3 years!!, so stupid!!

I said this to Pat the other night and his response was "I'm pretty sure you didn't actually find that funny..."

I don't always pin, but when I do I pin 5,000 things in one sitting! LOL - so true!

I about died laughing when I saw this. Maybe that makes this the best alarm clock message ever!

I think we need to have buttons all in the wedding colour(s) for people to choose and wear at the resort ... and all with funny sayings on them! (But maybe not this one!)

I've saw a lot of these and always end up reading all of them.

Click this image to browse lots more #Funny #humor pics & awesome #quotes! :)

epic fail photos - After 12: Scumbag Alcohol