story of my life! It's always my high expectations that disappointed me, almost on a daily basis! True story! -bk

Never be afraid to fall apart

This goes perfectly with something i wrote. About the chaos of my soul in my eyes

Ironic Truth: The one who is good in taking care of other people is the same person who needs someone to take care of them.


why do we stay?

in the end, people will judge you anyway. don’t live your life impressing others. live your life impressing yourself.


Funny how that works...I feel like this often.


Ahhh, my love..I do sing of you soo often!! You are sooo beautiful and desired and loved by me forever my true soul mate!! <3

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but then i realized that i was holding on to something that didn't exist anymore. that the person i missed didnt exist anymore. people change. the things we like and dislike change. we can wish they wouldnt all day long, but that never works.