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Harry Potter almost fact - if this was true voldemort would have been clever to have thought that through!

It's true, though. And I liked that they used that word. "Ruthless." It has such a negative connotation, but it's true. She was ruthless in her efforts to defeat Voldemort. She was unrelenting and unforgiving, but in a good way. She knowingly sacrificed everything, more than Harry and Ron, at least...


I’m breaking up with you…

Ron & Hermione : break up : i especially like the random ages they are in each scene

The Lord of the Hallowsfrom The Lord of the Hallows

E! Online Deathly Hallows Previews: “Horcruxes” and “The Story”

Oh Ron. I love that they added humor to the last few movies! It really made them better :)

ron + hermione. I'm Hermione Granger and you are , your future husband at that point of time Hermione thought ewww


Solid logic…

Yea, but Hermione punched Draco in the face. BAHAHAHAHA. So true. That was a great moment in Harry Potter history.


21 Inappropriate Harry Potter Memes You'll Never be Able to Unsee

Ron and Hermione Period Meme. Too funny! (I didn't click the link because of the caption, but this one though, not really inappropriate, just hilarious)