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<3<3<3 the wedding ring demikats lovable quotes

Exactly! I'm a very sensitive person and I understand that not everyone understands how to handle sensitive people. We're a special breed of person that need extra care and get hurt easily. But we know how to be great friends, and we're always here for you on your darkest days.

At some point you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life. #quotes

And that's why I'm still here and stronger than you'll ever dream of being. I don't NEED a man to have what I have... I choose to follow him. Without that moron that you've brainwashed into thinking you gave birth to his biological children, you would have nothing. Absolutely NOTHING. That's sad. I pity you... kinda. ....right on previous pinner!

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for the mother in law. this is a must.

This is TOO MUCH <3

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Met my husband on a vacation, in the ocean! He is my best friend, no doubt.

I got him. He is my everything, love of my life, the father of my girls and many times the big pain in my butt! hahahaha


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<3 always