I love witty people.


5 million points for Gryffindor!

Voldemort followers

Nargles are so behind this. Totally

Harry Potter

My cat got spayed yesterday and she's trying to find every way possible to rip her stitches while I made this.. XD enjoy... - Imgur

makes so much sense.

Harry Potter book characters vs movie characters. Don't get me wrong, overall the movies did a great job in even half pleasing three fans, but inevitably some parts of the books has to be sacrificed. The producers couldn't just magically make the actors look identical to their book counterparts.

Harry Potter funnies

Well you know she was just pure evil in pink. I might hate her more than dear old voldy.

And the dementor died

Student Complaints in Hogwarts. Harry Potter

Stupid muggles

Why do I find this so entertaining?

harry potter funny | Tumblr LOL that dog use to scare me lowkey.