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    I love witty people.


    Total nerd win.

    Hahahaha! I'm guessing this guy hates his name right now.

    makes so much sense.


    Harry Potter Funny

    Voldemort followers

    Oh wow haha

    Oh, I'm sure at some point he claimed to have been there when baby Harry beat Voldemort. He knew Voldie would be there, of course, he tried so hard to stop him and save the poor Potter family, but tsk, five, six Death eaters showed up and barred his way. He had to beat them all with one arm petrified to his side!

    That's exactly what I was thinking in the theater!! "Great, he's finally defeated Voldemort and now he's gonna stumble off a bridge."

    Hahaha.... My exact thoughts!

    Harry Potter Spoilers, Ha!

    I'll hide in the trunk...

    My reaction exactly.

    Daniel Radcliffe

    The sweet side to Voldemort. | 33 Harry Potter Jokes Even Muggles Will Appreciate

    Hitting Voldemort with snowballs.

    Harry Potter Wand PENCILS!!

    Also true for #7: OMG, I don't want it to end! I wish this book could go on forever.