don't even, lol


When a cashier asks 'how's your day going?' I reply 'I am buying 3 bottles of wine, it's clearly only getting better.' | Confession Ecard |


I'm not ALWAYS a bitch...

short temper? No, not so.

I'd bitch less if you'd fuck off more.


Sorry, but it's true.

I prefer to describe myself as "delightfully difficult." And it would just be easier if you agreed. Mmmhmmm. My husband pinned this. He knows me so well. I'm delightfully difficult... But I am worth it ;-)

Make my life easier please

My life.

Love the truth in this!

Get in line bitches :)

Screw flirting, I'll win you over with my awkwardness. | Flirting Ecard | #humor #laughs

I really appreciate the time you took today to remind me why I dont like you. Ecard

yes. yes it would!


Sister - if your ever feeling down - just remember you have huge moon moons!! hahahahha

Of course I talk to myself.