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    "Do All Liquids Evaporate at the Same Rate?": Easy-to-follow instructions, science explanations, and results chart template to use at home when implementing this experiment

    Science Fair: Do All Liquids Evaporate At The Same Rate?

    Rusty Nails: Which liquid will rust a nail fastest?

    Science Fair: Rate of Evaporation

    "Viscosity Races": Learn about the flow of various liquids from around the house in this fun, simple, and educational challenge!

    Choosing a major. Choosing a career.

    Science Fair: An Alternative to Road Salt

    "Red Cabbage Chemistry": Easy-to-follow steps and great science to back up this fun foray into kitchen chemistry!

    Science Fair Project Display Board How to

    Printable Science Experiment Sheet

    These forms are used with the weekly experiments by the class "Super Scientist". Included is a journal cover, observation journal page, lab report, and parent letter.

    great website!!!! tons of great science for later :)

    mold science experiment

    The coolest website for science fair ideas, you select the grade and they give you ideas

    The 25 Coolest Science Experiments for kids! the naked egg experiment!

    Set up a simple science experiment for kids to learn about what dissolves in water and what doesn't.

    Science Fair Project Idea

    Which Bread Molds the Fastest? |

    Science Fair Projects: How to make your board a rockstar standout from Hand Made Kids Art #handmadekidsart #sciencefair

    Handwashing Science Fair Project

    Love these science experiments -- BIG on exploration and small on mess!