Freshman College Survival Kit - I made this for my cousin who is graduating high school. Laundry basket with favorite snacks, instant ramen, school supplies, water balloons, silly string, ear plugs, lubricant (condoms were expensive). Bought everything from Big Lots and Dollar Tree to keep it inexpensive.


This is a fabulous high school graduation/ college send off gift. It's an over the door shoe rack filled with goodies! So many snacks fit inside here. I did sweet and savory snacks but you could also do ramen noodles, etc. Great way to package items and gift them.

High school graduation gift to prepare for college laundry

College Girl's Survival Kit

Cute gift idea......Get an inexpensive umbrella from the dollar store and dangled bills from the inside A little something for a rainy day

"Just Add Water" Care Package ~ Instant Mac and Cheese. Ramen, Tea, Hot Cocoa, Instant Oatmeal, etc...

Eeeeeeee I love this so so so much the best way to my heart is thru food

Graduation / College bound gift basket for a male! Square laundry basket as your base and fill with love!

College Survival Kit

College Survival Kit: In Case of Emergency-Break Glass!

College Dorm Survival Kit (great idea for a silent auction basket)

One of the most appreciated gifts from my bridal shower was a laundry basket filled to the brim with Windex, Febreeze, toilet bowl cleaner, laundry detergent, napkins, etc. You name it, it was in there. Eventually, you need all those things. And they are so expensive to buy at the same time. This gift helped me out so much. Like I said, super appreciated. And any new home owner will adore the pretty penny saved here.

A Girl's Survival Kit: Fun for a teen or a girlfriend who needs a "pick me up"!

21st birthday survival kit!! I will probably use this as a gag gift more than anything, since my friends and I don't and won't really drink much!

off to college gift idea

Graduation Gift Giving 101: The Freshman Survival Kit | That's What She Said or Highschool survival kit

Making a cute new baby basket with a plastic laundry basket. Ideas on Sterilite's blog.

Creative "Try"als: Life is a Picnic - Marriage Survival Kit

Here is the graduation gift basket that I made for my baby sister last week. It's a "dorm survival kit"- complete with ramen, towels, bedding, dorm decoration items, and lots of little fun things that every college student needs. I liked the idea of building the "basket" in a laundry bin- useful!

College Survival Kit - Dorm room items high school graduation gift idea dorm stuff cheap dorm supplies living in a college dorm room