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Russian Monday: "Sladkay Bulochka" - Cinnamon Chocolate Pastry Wheels at Cooking Melangery

540. Кифлики

Beer Cookies With Cheese Filling

Ok, I know I am cheating by posting an I-phone picture for a recipe, but I figured that I better post this  before I myself forget how I made these. So some day I will update this picture, but mean...

“Pryaniki”are Russian Glazed cookies that existed since 9th century.Although, there are many types of pryaniki,this is just one of them.They are soft,delicious and will stay fresh not only for one day. Especially kids love them and it’s a great treat to share some with your coworkers,friends or family.If you like spiced cookies you can …


"Banana" pastries before the oven


Cottage Cheese Cookies


The Art of Uzbek Cuisine: Tvorogli pechenye (Cottage cheese biscuits)



Zefir/ Зефир ( Russian Marshmellows) | Moms Dish

Peach Cookies | Moms Dish

Soft Farmers Market Cookies (550x410)

Если вы помните и любите кекс, который продавали в СССР под названием "Столичный", попробуйте приготовить его по этому рецепту. Получается очень ностальгично. А если никогда не пробовали, то сделайте и узнаете, какой он был на вкус.

Вкусный уголок - Украинские бублики

(700x525, 90Kb)

Сушки | Выпечка хлеба и не только...


Сочни с творогом