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Working out how to make glow in the dark drinks for an event. This is just gin and tonic. The quinine in tonic glows under a UV lamp.

How to make glow in the dark NEON rice for play & learning activities- SO FUN!

Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail {thanks to Bon Puf for the incredible cotton candy!}

Glow in the dark drink using tonic water, lemonade mix (any drink mix will work), and black lights.

Glow in the Dark Games

Glow in the Dark Party Ideas for Teenagers | And Glow in the Dark Drinks !

"Blacklight" drink! 9 liters tonic water 3-4 cans pink lemonade concentrate ice Mix all ingredients together shortly before the party begins. Add ice as late as possible before drinking.

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glow in the dark bracelets on party cups...what a great idea!

@Danielle Di Silvestro Tonic water glows in the dark when placed under a black light. You could make ice cubes with it and drop them into a drink for a glowing effect!

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Black light reactive jello shots, Black light Party (adult version) | Follow me on INSTAGRAM @ minaramos

Food Ideas for your Glow in the Dark Party

DIY - Glow in the dark drinks and jello jigglers. The secret to glowing food is tonic water!

Glow in the dark

GLOW, NEON, UV PARTY! Glow in the Dark Party Supplies! GLOW PARTY, NEON PARTY Products Wholesale So doing a rave party for my next birthday

How Cool!!! Glow in the Dark Jello This isn’t a cheat, and it’s not an optical illusion—these are simply gin and tonic jellos made by adding gelatin to a gin and tonic and leaving it to set. So why are they glowing that fantastic ghostly color? The answer is that quinine–the bitter flavoring in tonic water–glows under a UV fluorescent light, which can easily be found at hardware store

Glow in the dark jello shot I wanna try this! I didn't realize when I first pinned this but it only works under a black light.

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How to Make Glow in the Dark JELL-O A child's experiment for an adult purpose. Halloween Jell-O shot anyone??