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    Working out how to make glow in the dark drinks for an event. This is just gin and tonic. The quinine in tonic glows under a UV lamp.

    Glow in the dark drink using tonic water, lemonade mix (any drink mix will work), and black lights.

    Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail {thanks to Bon Puf for the incredible cotton candy!}

    How to make glow in the dark NEON rice for play & learning activities- SO FUN!

    Be a Rock Star Mom and make these easy Glow in the Dark Cupcakes with just a few simple ingredients. Fun Halloween Party Food or dessert for Halloween Dinner at home.

    DIY - Glow in the dark drinks and jello jigglers. The secret to glowing food is tonic water!

    don't specify zombie, age the label more, add some sort of gross looking chunks, or perhaps a finger. Or weight glow sticks at the bottom of the container

    Glow in the Dark Games

    Glow in the Dark ICE Cubes - Six in the Suburbs For an upcoming Birthday Bash plan a "White HOT" party! Great under the black lights! Mix equal parts Tonic water (that has quinine in the ingredients) with water. Add, additional flavors {lemon, lime, etc.} if desired. Freeze in ice cubes trays!

    glow in the dark party

    glow in the dark frosting!! so cool: use tonic water and jello

    How Cool!!! Glow in the Dark Jello This isn’t a cheat, and it’s not an optical illusion—these are simply gin and tonic jellos made by adding gelatin to a gin and tonic and leaving it to set. So why are they glowing that fantastic ghostly color? The answer is that quinine–the bitter flavoring in tonic water–glows under a UV fluorescent light, which can easily be found at hardware store

    Glow In The Dark Jello (really, it glows in the dark, check out the photos) Simply add tonic water!

    Kool-Aid, Crystal Light Drinks Mixed w/ Tonic Water Glow in Black Light

    Glow in the dark cupcakes!

    glow in the dark game ideas

    glow in the dark centerpieces | Amazing centerpiece at a glow in the dark themed Bar Mitzvah {Photo by ...

    .....could use glow in the dark stars

    Coolest Glowing in the Dark great Halloween Costumes - Homemade Costume Contest

    How To Throw The Most Epic Dance Party Ever. I'm pretty sure I want to throw my daughter a glow in the dark party/sleepover. I've found so many cute ideas.