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Naruto is my new anime crush!!!!! Don't judge me or tell me to get a life... I don't wanna hear it...

"Please God give me something beautiful!" [Humor] #minato #kushina

Orochimaru, Lady Tsunade, and Master Jirayha as kids. Idk why but the expression on Orochimaru's face is funny. Lol Tsunade does a peace sign.

English Naruto Konoha High School | sasusaku y naruhina created by melody2099 based on Blank ...

Naruto fan art | Kakashi – Yamato – Sai – Sasuke – Sakura – Naruto | Fan Art

Lets just take a moment to honor how flipping awesome fan art is.

Minato and Naruto fan art | minato and hokage naruto by ~nadrouch on deviantART

Minato and Naruto fan art | Minato & Naruto x3 - Minato Namikaze Fan Art (30798038) - Fanpop ...

Naruto as the Sage of the Six Paths

naruto fan art - Imgur

Naruto fan art!!


Sage of six paths version of naruto

Naruto as Sage of six paths...

Eric picture of Jiraiya- sage mode

This picture, it holds so much meaning...

Rikudou Sennin in the Battlefield by BoyBushin

Naruto 670 p10 Ootsutsuki Kaguya by ButcherSonic

Naruto 670 - Indra And Ashura by KhalilXPirates

Akatsuki - this is quite clever


But he is rather smexy, Hinata.

I will absolutely not let you die..Narusaku

notice me by Elcii on deviantART