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The-Moussaieff-Red-Diamond The price is $7,000,000.00. This astonishing gem is color red and has a definite size of 5.11 K or 1.022 grams. It has a cone shaped precisely cut that is appraised as striking red according to the intense observation and study of the American Gemological Institute. This gem is a little bit smaller compare to other highly valued diamond but according to the AGI, so far, it is the largest red diamond ever appraised.

The Argyle Toki, from the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender 2014, is a 1.59ct emerald cut Fancy Intense Purplish Pink diamond, named after the Toki, a rare Japanese bird with delicate pink underwings.

“The Ocean Dream,” a 5.50-carat triangular-cut fancy vivid blue-green diamond, set a new world auction record for highest price paid for a blue-green diamond when it sold for $8.6 million to a private Asian buyer.

The Dresden Green Diamond is a 41 carat (8.2 g) natural green diamond, which probably originated in the Kollur mine in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.The stone's unique green color is due to natural exposure to radioactive materials. Today, the diamond is shown in the "New Green Vault" at Dresden Castle, Dresden, Germany.

Dresden Green: green fancy, 49.21 carats, pear cut. Possibly Brazil, 1720s. The largest green diamond known. Taken to Moscow after the Second W.W.

The Heart of Eternity is 27.64 carats. It was found in a mine in South Africa and it is a “Fancy Vivid Blue Colour” rated the Gemological Institute of America, which makes it an extremely rare diamond. The Heart of Eternity is a member of an exceedingly rare class of coloured diamonds. It was found in the “Premier Diamond Mine” of South Africa.

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